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November 2017

/New Menu Info.

Our new favorite menus has been present now in our outlet at Merdeka Walk. Enjoy our new menus and feel the pleasure only at our outlet Nelayan Tenda Jala Jala.

Nelayan Tenda Jala Jala

Nelayan Favourite Cuisine

Merdeka Walk Food Stall Medan


Cumi Goreng Tepung
Es Durian
Gurami Goreng Saus Mangga
Gurami Goreng Saus Nyonya
Kepiting Saus Kari ( Telur )
Kepiting Saus Lada Hitam
Salmon Steak

Udang Gala Super (1-2 Ekor)
Udang Goreng Malaysia
Udang Goreng Nestum

/Info Sauce.

Nelayan Suki again there are new sauces ya.  Sauce 8 Rasa Terbaru Nelayan. Come and feel the pleasure of eating japanese foods with this new sauce. Guaranteed to be addicted.

Available only at our outlets:

Nelayan Suki

Nelayan Japanese Cuisine

Cambridge City Square Lt. 01-03 Medan


Nelayan Suki

Nelayan Japanese Cuisine

Mall Centre Point LG No. 17-18 Medan


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